I swear to god, dreams about Aliens are literally the fucking worst! I find the idea of extraterrestrials and space utterly fascinating but the thought of abductions and what not just terrify me beyond anything ugh I had such a vivid dream weeks ago where I wake up and look out my living room patio screen door to see a huge flying saucer gliding across the sky. The sky was completely clear, devoid of any clouds, and lurid blue and there was absolutely no sound outside, it was calm like before a storm. Then I felt a kind of eerie sensation that something was approaching from a distance, a low rumbling of sorts and a faint yet overpowering blue light enveloped the sky which   freaked me out. Seconds later I find this huge circular, almost oval, shape very slowly glide across the sky and it had a myriad of colors, namely yellow, blue,and red, radiating and blinking  beneath the oval shape from all sides. I basically scream for my brother to get there while I rush to grab my camera but it’s too late, I wake up. Honestly that is the most vivid dream I’ve ever had and its so freaky but  I do however think whatever I dreamed was conjured up by everyday things around the location of my house like the fact that t I do live in an area where commercial airplanes quite frequently fly by, to an elevation you can actually hear them in the sky, I think it was just a figment of my imagination. Oh, and not to mention that I did watch that new found footage movie Abduction . That being said, for a week or so after, whenever I heard a low rumbling namely due to planes flying overheard I swear I felt so fucking scared and unnerved ugh